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Welcome to HC-Build our Human Capital Capacity Building Portfolio and Learning Content Online.

Building your Human Capital capabilities is critical in this fast-changing business environment. To contact us for more information please leave a message in the messaging app bottom right of every page.

Our catalogue is divided into categories and we supply our learning products listed under each category. Visit regularly our catalogue of learning products and content is continually added to and growing.

More information about us

Jasper International Academy JIA is the learning and education arm of Jasper Global Corporation. We are committed to supporting the sustainable growth of human capital across the world. We operate across multiple regions and we have a growing network of Academies and Partners that are present in many countries worldwide.

As a company, we focus on two main areas: Human Capital Development and Improvement Science – the idea being that these two areas are inextricably linked to an organisation and a society’s prosperity.

We offer a range of professional qualifications and professional development courses through our five main specialists centres.

Virtual Training Over Zoom we have available many titles.

Does your business have the skills it needs to succeed in a fast-paced changing market place and the environment? Can you nurture talent, build the workforce of the future, boost your staff motivation and increase productivity and profitability? In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment, companies must innovate in all areas of the business and to do that they need skilled people and wisdom.

Our academy certificates all courses

Visit our specialist centres

  1. Centre for Management Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills
  2. Centre for Banking, Investment Securities and Economic Development Skills
  3. Centre for Cyber Security Defence and Economic Crime Prevention Skills
  4. Centre for E-Learning and Virtual Training
  5. Centre for International English Language Learning Skills

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Jasper International Academy is open for business improvement

It is important to understand the many skills and qualities required to be successful because simply stated, having a good qualification is not enough to secure the job you want and to succeed in that job. If you feel that you are lacking in a particular area, then develop a plan on how to improve – we can help you do that.